Today’s Visit to the Animal Shelter 🐾❤️

Hello everyone! Today I went in to the Claresholm Animal Shelter (CAReS) to give Reiki to a kitty named Trooper, and enjoyed visiting and sharing Reiki with a few more cats and dogs too. As you enjoy the pictures, please send them, and all the animals at CAReS, loving energy to help them find their forever homes. 💕

He is a sweet cat that just came to the shelter, and thankfully so, as they found an abscess on his neck. CAReS and the vet are taking such good care of him. Please send him loving energy to help his recovery.

She is an older cat who enjoys being pet and visiting with you. She likes Reiki. 🙂

She is the the shelter greeter! As you walk in the door, she welcomes you from the office. She loves to visit and help with office work, especially sitting on papers to help hold them down. 😉

He is pretty new to the shelter and seems to want attention. A very handsome fellow!

Yes, this is Elvis, named after the song we all know — “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Houndog…”. He’s a loveable, playful hound. He has so much personality, and loves Reiki too!


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