Looking To the Future With Hope—Let’s Make It Count ❤️

This is my view looking west—out over our “west quarter hayfield”. This is a special view to me because it’s one of the few places along the foothills that opens up and gives a peek to the mountains behind them.

Our hayfield holds promise, and we hope this hayfield will be tall and green in a couple months, ready to cut and bale. We also look for hope on the horizon as we come through this pandemic. What do you hope for? What do you want to see in yourself, in your community, and in the world as we move forward? We all have changed. Now we have choices of what we want to leave behind—things that don’t suit us, or fit in our world anymore. We’ve all done some self-reflection, life has slowed way down for us to take inventory of ourselves, our community, and the world. What do you want to bring with you as you move forward? Change for the better starts inside you and me first, and moves outward. Let’s make it count. ❤️

Much love,


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