Transitions… Enjoy What This Season Has To Offer 🌱

Happy Spring everyone! It’s planting season! Vegetables, herbs, and let’s not forget flowers too. Transitions in life can be tricky, but are unavoidable. How we handle our minds is key to moving forward, and not getting stuck in a quagmire of discouraging thoughts and feelings. For example, the transition from winter to spring on the farm.… We await spring with much anticipation, and then Boom! time to get to work outside. Keeping our minds focused on right now and enjoying what this season has to offer is a key to surviving the transition. Not letting the feelings of despair (there’s SO much to do), and exhaustion (I need to get it all done this week) creep in and rule our minds. Right now is planting time on the farm, and we’ve added landscaping into the mix too. As we go through transitions in life, remember to take a deep breath, take one step and one day at a time, and keep our minds focused on enjoying what this season has to offer right now. 🌱

Much love,

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