Hey Booklovers! 📚 (Audio lovers too 😊)

I hope you all are feeling well. ❤️ Once again, winter has woken up the booklover in me, and I’m embracing this time. I love reading to study and learn, and I also love to get lost in a story for fun too. I am in-between my stories-for-fun books. I loved the last one, and am savouring it in my mind for a few more days. It will be time to start a new one soon. 📖 Maybe a Christmas story…. 🤔🎄 My study and learning books are in full-swing. Have you ever followed a “rabbit trail” of one book that leads to another book that leads to another book? For me, it’s kinda fun to see what shows up. Let me explain…. While I was watching a video, the name of a new-to-me author came up. Have you heard of Tosha Silver? I just finished one of her books called Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead. I loved this book as you can see by my many bookmarks! She also has another book I’ve been skimming through called Change Me Prayers, it has some great short stories in it that are perfect for a quick read. And then, I followed another “rabbit trail”—in Tosha Silver’s book, she mentioned an author she liked, Florence Shinn, who wrote a few books from 1925-1945. I just started the first one by Florence Shinn called The Game of Life and How to Play It. The title didn’t really catch my interest, but the content has been great—exactly what I’m wanting to learn right now. I did not expect this line-up of books for the start of my winter reading, they just popped up and I took the nudge to follow the rabbit trail. Have any books popped into your awareness? The Universe may well be prompting you to check it out, and it will likely be perfect for what you’re wanting to learn, or read for fun right now. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Happy Winter and Happy Reading. 😊❤️❄️


2 Comments on “Hey Booklovers! 📚 (Audio lovers too 😊)

  1. I also discovered Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness last year & it had a huge impact on me. I shied away from The Game of Life because, after looking into it, I got the impression it has a religious/biblical slant which isn’t for me (as opposed to Silver’s spiritualism). I wonder what you thought of the book?


    • Hi Colette, thank you for your message and your thoughts. 😊 I noticed a difference in Outrageous Openness and The Game of Life too. Honestly, I enjoyed both very much. I found that they both gave me super gems to use in my own life, and also in my Reiki teaching.

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