🌱 Garden Update, July 2021

Our garden is growing, and growing, and growing. We had a heatwave in the last part of June and first part of July, which had us watering like crazy! Some of the veggies, such as peas were trying to blossom during that time, and didn’t particularly like the extreme heat. We’re hoping they can blossom a bit more now because otherwise the yield of pods will be lower than most years. I love peas—fresh and stored frozen for the winter—cheering for the peas! The potatoes were feeling stressed with the extreme heat too, but hopefully will still blossom and we can enjoy little potatoes soon. We are a family who loves potatoes, our winter stock from last year is gone and we’re waiting for the new ones. Hopefully soon!

And some of you are wondering how my sunflower patch is doing….. 😐

I’m sorry to say, they were dug up by some furry critters (that’s my nice name for them) who loved, loved, loved sunflower seeds. I had no idea that gophers thought sunflower seeds were a delicatessen…. I planted 4 times. FOUR times! Some I planted shallow, some deep—I planted thick, and also thin. No matter. Every last sunflower seed was dug up! 😡 Usually my stubborn streak would have had me out there 24/7, but I was wasting precious time of outside work, and it was a no-win situation. So, I am very sad to say I do not have a lovely sunflower patch coming up, not a single sunflower!! 🌻

**Note the photos below of a hole in the sunflower patch with seeds dug up, and many, many sunflower seeds all dug up and eaten!

2 Comments on “🌱 Garden Update, July 2021

    • Thank you, I agree. We didn’t have the amount of netting to cover a large area, or a way of making it stay down. Maybe next year I’ll include that in my plans!! I’m guessing some of the critters would have dug under, but maybe it would have saved a few of the sunflower seeds! Thanks for your idea. 😊

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