Today… Listen to Your Heart ❤️

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5 Reiki Principles

Just for today…

  • Let go of worry
  • Let go of anger
  • Give thanks
  • Work hard
  • Be kind

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How Do You Practice Self-Care (things that make you feel good)?

Here’s my list of things that make me feel good… 🙂

  • Reiki self-treatments – a few times a day, always first thing in the morning
  • Stretches
  • Walking down our country road, or in the hayfield, which also provides grounding for me
  • Journaling
  • ChiropracticRelax, rejuvenate...
  • Deep sleeps at night
  • Quiet time
  • Growing our own fruits, veggies, and beef
  • Watching the sunrise
  • Having an occasional nap
  • Pets who provide comfort and laughter
  • Movie night with popcorn and/or pizza
  • Aromatherapy
  • Laughter
  • Doing what I love
  • A hot bath in the evening
  • Flowers
  • Photographing nature
  • Reading
  • Spending time in “my” mountains

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Izzy, Rescue Dog—Continued!

Hey Everyone! I thought I would check-in with you again about Izzy, our Rescue dog. She’s been a part of our family for a month and a half now. She is a funny character, and is showing her full personality! We are thinking differently on her breed, wondering if she possibly part Pug and we’re thinking also part Beagle! Maybe Izzy is a Puggle!! We’ve researched both Pug and Beagle, and she has tendencies of both for sure. So, on the Pug side, her short little nose causes her to snore! We have found that giving her a flat little pillow helps a lot. Pugs are also mischievous, and oh my goodness, that is Izzy too. We have a rule that she is not to touch Missy’s food dish, but her Beagle sniffer and food craving gets the best of her—you know, just to check and see if Missy might have even a bite of food left in her bowl. Just checking of course, to see if she should let Missy know she should finish! Izzy has a Beagle hound nose. She sniffs everything. On our two walks a day, she is happiest when she has found new things to sniff. There are lots of new scents on the farm, her little nose goes crazy, and her legs follow her nose. Speaking of her legs, and her feet, Izzy is not a lover of super cold-weather—but she also doesn’t appreciate boots on her feet either! She’s pretty silly because she gives us such a disgusted look when we put her little red boots on, but then when she’s outside, she runs around like something is chasing her, happy and frolicking like a puppy! Missy and Izzy are getting along very well. Every day Missy shows Izzy the ropes of life on the farm—how to bark at cows, how to go under a fence in the field, how to chase bunnies, how to chase up a flock of partridges, and how to look SO cute to get a treat. Missy has a higher tolerance to the cold weather, and it seems that Missy might chuckle under her breath when Izzy has to put on boots and a coat. It seems like Missy is snickering, just a little. Izzy’s latest trick is learning how to sit to get a treat, and now she sits before I can even tell her to, when there is a treat involved!

Our animals are silly, we love them, and life wouldn’t be as full and happy without them.

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The World Needs You 💕

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“Hello” from Meeko Bauer!

Hey Everyone!  This is Meeko Bauer.  I thought I’d do a little favor for Mom.  Have you ever had a Reiki treatment?  Her treatments feel sooooo good—as you can see in this photo of ME!  Would you like a Reiki treatment?  Contact Mom, I highly recommend it!  🙂


Izzy, Rescue Dog

Izzy, Rescue dog 🙂

We have welcomed a new fur-baby to our family! Her name is Izzy, and she is a Rescue dog.  🙂  We think she is part Pug and part Bulldog, but if you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them too.

Izzy came to CAReS (Claresholm Animal Rescue Society) after a kind person rescued her on the busy highway. We really don’t know any more than that about her. After we said good-bye to our Bernese Mountain dog, Cali, earlier this year at the age of 10 1/2, we didn’t think we were ready for another dog for awhile. However, Izzy has made her way into our hearts. Our other Bernese, Missy, now has a new friend, after being very lonely without her half-sister, Cali. We’ve never had a Rescue dog before, this is a new experience. Izzy is an older dog, and we are realizing there are a few things she is teaching us. For instance, she loves to have soft blankets to lie on, and she also loves to be in the same room as a human. She is fine with cats, they are no big deal to her. She thinks Missy’s long fur is sooooo soft and wonderful, and she enjoys snuffling in Missy’s soft ears. She is strangely very afraid of things that squeak—doors, toys, etc.. It’s also clear that Izzy is not familiar with Reiki, it surprised her, but she quite enjoys the feeling of it. I plan to give her a longer Reiki treatment very soon, but have just been giving her short ones for now. I also hope to learn and help her with her deep fear of things that squeak.

We now have a family of 7 again, my two daughters and I, our two dogs Missy and Izzy, and our two cats Figaro and Meeko. Meeko is also a Rescue cat. 🙂

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From My Heart to Yours…

♥ Merry Christmas

Wishing you all Love,

Health, and Happiness 

~Tracy Bauer, Prairie Sky Natural Healing