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The Russ and Tracy Show is broadcast every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month, at 11am MST.  Russ is my Reiki instructor and of course my dear friend, and we discuss many different topics usually pertaining to Reiki and life.  🙂  We would love to have you join us!  🙂

Episode 9 – Wednesday June 28, 2017   11am MST

Would you like a peek into Russ’s Reiki Home Study Course and his Reiki Level 1 & 2 Workshop? Maybe it’s your first time to have a peek, or maybe it will be a refresher for you. Russ doesn’t know this yet, he’s finding out the topic for The Russ and Tracy Show at the same time you are – tee hee. So, I thought we could ask him to explain his Awareness Circle, and another one of my favorites is his Experience Triangle. Do you have any favorites, or maps, you would like to see again? Let me know, and I’ll ask him! 🙂

**Special Note:  Hey guys!! I’m sorry, my internet connection must have decided it was done close to the end of the show, everything just stopped. So I’d like to finish the show on my end by saying…. Thank you so much for joining in, and I hope you enjoyed the snapshot or peek into Russ’s Reiki Home Study Course and Level 1 & 2 Workshop. Could you imagine being there and learning all this stuff in a two day event for the workshop, or on your own time with the home study course? AND you would receive the pictures to go with it? Let me tell you from my own experience, it’s truly amazing. My wish is for you to remember and re-apply, or to start the journey and start to apply, all of Russ’s teachings. Take care, and we’ll see you next time!




Episode 8 – Wednesday June 14, 2017   change in time today – 4pm MST

What is Convergence Reiki and why is it so unique and effective?  What is Reiki?  How does it work?

Also a link to Russ’s Reiki Home Study course


Episode 7 – Wednesday May 24, 2017   11 am MST

Russ’ Introduction:  The war cry of the allowing movement is to simply “let it happen”.  I don’t know about you but that statement, frankly, irritates me greatly.  How the heck am I just supposed to let it happen, even on the surface that sounds crazy.  If I don’t make things happen, if I don’t get off my butt and do something, if I’m not constantly making plans to head off the latest upcoming calamity, then who is??!!  As with most conundrums clarity of the landscape provides the resolution.  What do I mean by that?  That’s the topic of this week’s episode of The Russ and Tracy Show.


Episode 6 – Wednesday May 10, 2017  11am MST

In this episode Russ and I talk about, “What do you do with experiences like frustration, discouragement, doubt, etc. when you’re manifesting?  We are also joined by Greg Dickson.  During the show we have some excellent conversations on effective techniques for managing our way through these common obstacles that, if not managed properly, can derail our manifesting effectiveness. #russandtracyshow

Episode 5 – Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017  11am MST