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Update! On My Special Little Client :) Animal Reiki

I was very grateful to receive a phone call from my little client’s new person. It seems this sweet little dog is enjoying a normal, happy life—with even a hint of attitude! I chose this picture I took of her because I could see… Continue Reading “Update! On My Special Little Client 🙂 Animal Reiki”

My Special Little Client—News!! :)

I heard a bit of news as to how my little client is doing in her new home… She was nervous about getting ready to leave the animal shelter. On her way to her new home, she was looking out the window of the… Continue Reading “My Special Little Client—News!! :)”

My Special Little Client—Day 5 & 6, Animal Reiki Claresholm

I shared Reiki with this little girl for 6 days of intensive treatments. She is amazing, and her determination for healing has been so heartwarming. I’m very proud of her. Please wish this little girl well as she heads to her new home this… Continue Reading “My Special Little Client—Day 5 & 6, Animal Reiki Claresholm”

My Little Client—Day 4, Animal Reiki Claresholm

My little client was tired today! This is totally normal with all the work she’s been doing in healing. 🙂 She is able to relax more now, and she let 2 other people hold her. Another big step for this special girl. 🙂  Her… Continue Reading “My Little Client—Day 4, Animal Reiki Claresholm”

My Special Little Client—Day 3, Animal Reiki Claresholm

I am so proud of this little girl. She is working hard right along with me, and completely embraced Reiki. She wants to heal, and is doing just that! Today she was so brave—while I held her in my arms, she socialized with about… Continue Reading “My Special Little Client—Day 3, Animal Reiki Claresholm”