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High-Time for a Story

Hello my dear friends, how is everyone doing after a busy summer? Today (and always), I’m excited about books. My two girls and I LOVE books. We are very big readers, and are always having a conversation about a book (or books) we’re reading. Lately I’ve been reading/studying mostly non-fiction…animal communication, energy healing, medical intuition, meditation, and the list goes on. My girls have finally won their campaign to get me to read a fiction book. I’m loving it. It’s a historical fiction, one of my favorite genres. I forgot what it was like to get lost in a book! Oh it’s so much fun! I leave the worries of my day and enter a wonderful story. As it’s getting cooler outside, and the daylight hours are shorter, we also tend to watch a few more movies too. This past weekend we pulled out The Sound of Music—it’s such a timeless classic. The songs are still going through my head. I encourage you all to remember something that helps you to set aside the worries of the day, just for a little while. Relax, jump in, and absorb a wonderful story. It feels so good! What types of books do you enjoy? What movies? Is it time to make some popcorn and grab a cozy blanket and enjoy a wonderful story? I would say it’s high-time! 🙂 Enjoy your day.    ~Tracy

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Fabulous Spring Workshops

This has been an exciting Spring session of Reiki Level 1 & 2 Workshops! The time I spent with these wonderful people was amazing and perfect. We now have several more Reiki Level 2 Practitioners in the area. What a blessing this is in so many ways—to all of us. The more people that practice Reiki, the more healing there is in their own lives, plus all the lives around them, including the workplace. Thank you to these special individuals for taking this step of learning Reiki to open their world to healing and health.

I’m already looking forward to the Fall session of Workshops! I have 3 planned, one for August, one for September, and one for October. I will be posting the dates soon. If these dates don’t work for you, I can also work with customized dates. At this point, I don’t have any workshops planned for the winter, but I’m open to customized dates then too.

To everyone 🙂, have a wonderful summer.  If you have any questions or comments, give me a shout. To the new Reiki practitioners , I would love to spend a few days, or even a few hours practicing Reiki, sharing stories, and chatting with you during the summer. I am always available by phone, text, or email. Talk to you all soon.

Sincerely in happiness and health,

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