Reiki With Your Pets/Animals

I have four furry animals I consider to be a part of my family, and I love animals in general. My four furry “kids” are my first teachers in treating animals with Reiki, and my experience has grown now to many animals. I love working with animals and offering Reiki to them as a way of healing.  Being a part of an animal’s healing, which partners then with their human’s healing as well, is a powerful and enlightening process.

Our furry kids:

Our pets can take on, or “feel” our stress, and/or suppress traumatic situations in their own lives, and offering Reiki, along with communicating with them, is a priceless gift. When our pets are part of a stressful period of our lives, or have had traumatic situations in their own lives, they can’t always express themselves in ways we can understand.  This may go unnoticed by us, or we simply don’t know what to do to help them.  Reiki can offer a way to let go of unwanted symptoms they may be experiencing, let go of emotional trauma or blockages, and offer deep relaxation to help their body heal itself.

I would be happy to give your beloved pet or animal a Reiki treatment, and help them change their world for the better through natural means.

Please contact me, Tracy Bauer, at:

In loving memory of Cali—our beloved Bernese Mountain Dog  ~ January 23, 2008 – May 31, 2018

Cali was my very first animal client.  She willingly taught me so much about Reiki animal treatments.  🙂

We miss her loving personality, her strong steady presence, her soft fur, and her deep brown eyes.  She is forever in our hearts, and very deeply missed.




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