Reiki Treatments: In-Person & Distant

I offer two types of Reiki Treatments to both humans and animals: In-Person Treatments at my home, and Distant Treatments

During In-Person and Distant Reiki Treatments, I use trained awareness and intuition to guide healing energy to your whole body, and also to specific areas that may need more attention. In both types of treatments, I also incorporate masculine and feminine energy flow, breath, movement, touch and sound—all this together creates an amazing balance in your body.  Full Reiki treatments (In-Person & Distant) are gentle, deeply relaxing, and deep reaching.  It allows peace and healing energy to permeate your body, mind, and spirit.

A Distant Reiki Treatment is similar to an In-Person Reiki Treatment, except the client and the practitioner are not in the same place. A Distant Reiki Treatment is sending healing energy to a human or animal over distance, not in-person. Another way to think of a Distant Reiki Treatment is like a cell phone call, I am connecting with a person or animal over distance, near or far. Energy is not confined by time or space. When In-Person Reiki Treatments are not available for whatever reason, a Distant Reiki Treatment is an effective and equally powerful option to consider. Sometimes a Distant Reiki Treatment is preferred because of—travelling distance, hospitalization, inability for the person or animal being treated to travel, mobility issues, illness, and many other reasons.

Distant Reiki Treatment Report

More info on Distant Reiki Treatments:
For a Distant Reiki Treatment, you book an appointment with me, and I ask that you or your animal (whoever I am treating) is comfortable, and resting during the treatment. You stay in your home, or wherever the treatment is taking place.  Treatments are usually 45-60 minutes.  After the Distance Reiki Treatment is finished, I send an in-depth report to your email, FaceBook Messenger, or text message with what I have sensed, and what I have treated. And, with animals I also communicate with them during a Distant Reiki Treatment.


Treatment Room

An In-Person Reiki Treatment resembles typical bodywork appointments, you lie fully clothed on your back on a massage table, and a light blanket is also available if you choose.  It is a simple procedure consisting of calm, concentrated energy flowing from my hands to your body.  This is by touching (only appropriate areas), and/or by holding my hands a few inches above your body.  If you are not comfortable with touching, placing my hands above your body is fully acceptable and just as effective.

Contact me and start your path to healing yourself and those around you, including pets and animals. 🙂

Please contact me to book a Distant Reiki Treatment or an In-Person Reiki Treatment, I will do my best to accommodate your schedule.  🙂

Reiki Treatments, In-Person and Distant (Humans and Animals) – $50  (payment can be made by e-transfer, cheque, cash)

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