I’ve been reading about taking a pause or “transition period”—whether it’s a minute, an hour, a day, or more—when moving from one thing to another in our daily lives.

The definition of transition the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

Transitions are something I have overlooked in my life. I tend to move from one thing to another in a flurry—definitely without a pause or transition of any kind. This new-to-me idea has merit, and I have started incorporating it into my life. So far, I found I’m noticing more things around me in the moment, and I’ve also found it helps me smooth out a few bumps and wrinkles in my day.

A smaller transition period might look like: sitting down, having tea/coffee, snack, reading, meditation, going for a walk, being conscious of your breath, having a nap, doing lighter tasks before a larger task……

Some examples of smaller transitions:
Waking up ➞ going to work
Long conversations in-person or on the phone ➞ carrying on with your day
Shovelling snow ➞ computer work
Coming home from work ➞ busyness at homeforest, walkway

A larger transition period might look like: a new meditation practice, a new healing modality, de-cluttering, taking a trip to the mountains or ocean, taking a course, doing something you’ve always wanted to do…..

Some larger transitions:
Being away for a few days ➞ getting back to “normal” life at home
Single ➞ Married
Married ➞ Divorced
An illness ➞ recuperation to “normal” daily life again

I encourage you to pause as you transition to different things in your day-to-day life. A simple (or complex) transition period is kindness to yourself, and also to others as you bring your best self to your next activity.

I wish for you a lovely day as you practice transitions from one thing to another. 😊❤️

sand, beach, footprints

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