Reiki and Shelter Animals

Shelter animals… More specifically dogs and cats. I have had the privilege of giving Reiki to dogs and cats at our local animal shelter. I find it amazing to watch how they react. I’m sure some of them have never come into contact with Reiki and how it feels, but they know almost instantly it’s something they like, and know it’s good for them.
I’ve given Reiki to a dog for a few minutes when I stopped at the shelter for a visit. Then a sad event happened in this dog’s life, and he seemed to be grieving. I decided to spend more time with him, and if he chose, to offer him Reiki in a more formal way. The day I came to spend more time with him, he sniffed my hands, and left a couple times to see what was happening in the other room, but the second time he came back, he laid down in front of me as if to say, “ok, I’m satisfied everything is taken care of around here, I’d like to receive a full treatment, please”. I sat down on the floor with him and started a Reiki treatment. I could tell his heart chakra was indeed sad, and I worked in that area more than other areas. In about half an hour he had received as much Reiki energy as he wanted, and he got up, wagging his tail. I was happy to help. Later that day, a person who worked at the shelter, who did not know this dog had received a Reiki treatment, noticed he was different. He was more bouncy and happier than the day before, and he has been ever since. A few weeks later he was adopted into a forever home. 🙂
The cats at the shelter also like Reiki. I can tell when they haven’t sensed Reiki before – they sniff my hands, and walk away, as if to be looking where this energy is coming from. They figure it out fast, and find the perfect place in front of my hands to rest, roll around, or just be close. A few of the cats that don’t usually play, have felt relaxed enough to bat around a toy. And, almost all of the cats that have received Reiki have been adopted within a few weeks.
It has been a privilege to me to share Reiki energy with the animals at our local animal shelter.

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