My First Reiki Workshop

My First Reiki Workshop

I was scared! I img243750921later learned I had no reason to be scared. My first Reiki workshop was in Lethbridge on July 5 & 6, 2014. Russ Littau was my teacher. There were five students, including me. Leslie Winters was one of those students! 🙂 We started the first day by sharing stories of who we were, where we were from, and why we wanted to learn Reiki. I was a shy type, so I didn’t give out a lot of information, at first. The morning flew by with all the stories, and it was time for lunch. I was feeling really thankful to have made some new friends that were interested in Reiki too. Back to class after lunch, we learned a lot of theory about Reiki. Before coming to this class, I had not experienced anything about Reiki, but I could sure feel something happening. My body felt strange! Since then I’ve learned that this is the time in class that energy really gets amped up, and boy could I feel it! Russ assured me I was releasing “stuff”, and he kept an eye on me. The theory about Reiki, and really about life, was amazing. Russ called it Geometryxs, which is unique to him and his teaching, and something he had been given from the Universe to share with his students. As I watched, learned, and took in all this information I was amazed at how things I couldn’t articulate myself, was being presented to me in a fashion I could really understand and even explain. The night after the first day, I was exhausted! The second day was more theory and more amazing findings of things that were now explained to me in an understandable way. After lunch we learned how to give treatments. So, each of us took turns on the table, and the rest of the students were practicing giving a treatment. I’ll never forget the heat I felt from the student working on my neck! Reiki was working—on me! Since my first workshop, I’ve never looked back. Russ’s workshop changed my life, and I am thankful.

Do you have any Reiki stories to share? I’d love to hear them. 🙂

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