A Quote From a Magnificent Book…

51kx3cQK5vL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_I just finished this book called Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant To Be by HeatherAsh Amara. I invite you to read this magnificent book, but for now I’d like to share a quote with you…

“…And the guidance is this: As Warrior Goddess women, we can bring healing back to the planet and the people. We must be brave, open, trusting, and giving. We need to move past old stories of being ladylike or nonthreatening or normal and break the chains of our fears to share our gifts fully. The world is waiting with open hands. It is time to stop isolating ourselves. It is time to step up to serve all.

Be the woman that you are meant to be. Not the woman you think you should be, or the woman others want you to be. Look in the mirror and say hello to the Warrior Goddess staring back at you. Befriend her. Support her. Love her. And let her open her wings to soar.

When you open your heart to yourself, quirks and all, you change the world. When you let go of pleasing others because you think you have to, when you relinquish trying to squeeze yourself in to a metaphoric shoe that doesn’t fit so you can be accepted, you come home to the comfort of yourself. And when you embrace the precious Warrior Goddess that you are, you naturally want others to know the truth of themselves as well. Each step in your healing, no matter how tiny, ripples out to heal everyone around you. And every time you embrace your fiery nature or your sweet stillness, every time you deliver a full-bodied yes or a clear no, also makes waves.

The world needs your brand of kindness and love, your power, your sacred ritual, your creativity, your quiet presence, your magnificent vision, your charming silliness.

Here’s to you, Warrior Goddess: embodied heroine, slayer of unconsciousness, beloved of the world. Go forth and empower.”

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