Another Quote From Another Magnificent Book…

WGWfeaturedI’m now reading The Warrior Goddess Way: Claiming the Woman You Are Destined to Be by HeatherAsh Amara, and again, I felt inspired to share a wonderful quote from her book…

“Have you ever noticed that you often look simply to confirm what you already think you will see? Or that you often listen to confirm what you expect you will hear? When we do this, we live our lives based on what we think we will experience rather than actually having an experience, fresh and new in the present moment. As a result, things rarely change for us, as we more than likely will get what we are already expecting. Even when something else is present, we often can’t see it because we aren’t open to the possibility of its existence. It’s like eating porridge at every meal because it is familiar and ignoring the glorious buffet overflowing with delicious, mouthwatering foods that surrounds you.

I call this the trap of living from the mind rather than living from the heart. When we live without being conscious of what’s happening in the present moment, our mind takes over and thoughts end up dictating—and therefore limiting—our experience.

Once you start paying attention to the thoughts that arise in your field of consciousness, there is something else you will notice: your thoughts are rarely about the present moment. As women, we often define ourselves and the world around us from the well-trodden past, which doesn’t allow us to be in vibrancy of the ever-changing present. The mind spends much of its time worrying about the past or fretting about the future, and in the process you miss the only life that ever happens: the moment you are living in right now.

Noticing these habits of the mind—where your thoughts and expectations prejudge and predetermine your experience, or constantly whisk your attention away from the present and into the future or past—shows you the areas where your attention needs some refocusing. What you need to free your mind from its crowded jail of limited perception is already within you: your vastness of your true self, your awareness.”

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