What essentials oils and hydrosols do I use?

My favorite essentials oils are lavender, lemon, rose, neroli, and chamomile.  When I head to the city for shopping and appointments, I place lavender and lemon in my aromatherapy necklace that holds these oils close to my nose.  🙂  The lavender is calming and the lemon is also calming plus antiviral.  We have animals in our home, two dogs and two cats, and we have learned that essential oils can be detrimental for cats.  We have since changed to diffusing hydrosols (which are safe for cats) in our home.  I teach Reiki and give treatments to people and animals, and my favorite hydrosols to have diffusing during that time are a mixture of lavender, neroli, and chamomile.  It’s a lovely relaxing scent.  I diffuse rose hydrosol in my office for refreshing clarity, and I also use it as a body mist as it is also energizing.

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