What Does a Prairie Sky Natural Healing Reiki Workshop Look Like?

My Reiki Workshops are distinctive and unique. You will come away from each workshop with a extensive amount of knowledge and practice to move ahead in all aspects of Reiki. Each and every workshop, and each and every day, is wildly, wonderfully, and vastly different. In saying that, I always teach a specific, unique Reiki curriculum, and we always finish my outlined plans at the end of the day.

Arriving at my house for your workshop 🙂

At the end of each day I am always amazed and in wonder how the day was “just perfect” for myself and the group of people there, and I always learn too. I usually teach Level 1 & 2 together in one full weekend, but I’ve also taught each level separately. There are lots of preparations going on before you arrive for Day 1 of the workshop. I prepare myself and the space for the workshop mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically. Both days are full of listening to information, hands-on practice, and of course stories and discussion.

Your Classroom 🙂
Treatment Room – where you will practice formal Reiki treatments 🙂






Please keep in mind that each workshop is unique—this is my outline for Level 1 (Day 1), and Level 2 (Day 2). These outlines are very broad-scoped, I have not included tons of details. 🙂

Reiki Level 1 Workshop Manual

Level 1 (Day 1)

  • Your arrival 🙂
  • Introductions, Stories, and Manuals
  • Definition, History, Lineage of Reiki
  • Energy
  • Reiki and Science
  • Attunements
  • Lunch Break
  • Anatomy/Chakras/Aura
  • Reiki Ethics
  • Treatments – Self, Formal, Short
  • Reiki and Plants, Animals, etc.
  • Grounding, Shielding
  • Formal Treatment – practice being the practitioner and the client
  • Certificate
Reiki Level 2 Workshop Manual

Level 2 (Day 2)

  • Introductions, Stories, and Manuals
  • Short review of Reiki History and Principles
  • Types of Meditation (Spiritual Practice, Self-Treatments)
  • Energy is Everything
  • Examples of Energy Exchange
  • Emotions
  • Awareness
  • Attunement
  • Lunch Break
  • Reiki Symbols
  • Distance Healing
  • Chakra Review
  • Treatments Using the Reiki Symbols
  • Certificate
Tracy Bauer

And there you have it!  Come and learn Reiki and change your world and the world of others around you. I ‘m looking forward to meeting you!  🙂

If you’re interested in a snapshot view of a few pages of my Reiki Workshop manuals, please go to my website and visit the Reiki Workshop page, please scroll down the page.

Please contact me at:

Link:  Reiki Workshops

Link: Contact Info/About Me

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