Reiki Basics Series (Part 4): Common Questions & Answers

What will I feel during a treatment?

Everyone is different—you may or may not feel heat, tingling, small parts of you may feel cold. It is very likely you will feel deep relaxation, peace, and love. Memories, traumas, and emotions may surface, and they may go floating by and release, or you may feel some emotions as they come to mind. This is all a very good thing! Each Reiki treatment is gentle, unique, deep, and far reaching. Consecutive treatments result in layers being healed to feel balance, peace, and joy.

Why should I have a treatment?

  • to bring back the love of life in you
  • to balance your energy
  • to allow new and vibrant energy in your body
  • to release stagnant or stuck energy
  • to remember who you are
  • to experience happiness, joy, love, peace, exuberance
  • so that constricted energy can be transmuted into pleasurable energy
  • to allow your unique creativity to shine
  • to allow your body to become more relaxed, healing occurs
  • to allow your life to open up before you in new and exciting ways

Why should I learn Reiki for myself?

If Reiki is something you want in your everyday life, I encourage you to learn Reiki. As you treat yourself with Reiki, and begin to heal and change your world, you can treat others and animals with Reiki too. It’s a win-win situation however you look at it. 🙂

Does Reiki ever make me feel worse?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. As your energy is balancing and you are building new vibrant energy inside you, the releasing of old stagnant energy may feel unpleasant at times. You may feel like you have to walk through a mud puddle to get to the green grass on the other side. 🙂 And it’s SO worth it!

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