Belief Systems — I am… I never… I always…

We all have belief systems, and they are mostly there for our good.

“I am cold”, tells us to find warmth.

“I am tired”, tells us to rest.

And there are vibrations we send out to the Universe from our belief systems.

“I always arrive early or on time”, and you mostly do, don’t you?

“I never have a lack of money”, and money generally comes to you easily, correct?

And then there are the belief systems that we can start to understand and change for the better. These are also sending out vibrations to the Universe.

“I always get a sinus infection in the Fall”, happens almost every Fall, doesn’t it?

“I never will get out of debt”, feels like a trap to your body that you can’t get out of?

Thoughts and words together are powerful. Sometimes we don’t realize what we’re saying during the day—the words just pop out. These words come from our belief systems. Now that you are aware of belief systems, take note of your words throughout your day, and make any changes needed. Especially the phrases that start with “I am”, “I never”, “I always”. Little by little, it will change the vibration you are sending out to the Universe. 🙂

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