The Ripple Effect of Reiki

Hello Everyone ❤️ I hope this note finds you all healthy, and hopefully happy too. As I’ve been watching things unfold in our community and in our world, I kept thinking, how can I help? What can I do? My intuition kept saying, “not yet, just wait”. I’ve learned to listen (mostly 😉) to my intuition, even though external pressures say otherwise. So in that time of “not yet, just wait”, I’ve been working on my own healing, and waiting for Divine inspiration to nudge me. In the last couple of days, the first pieces of inspiration have been coming into place. I’ve had people interested in Reiki Workshops (and hopefully the workshops can happen again soon) and also community observations of my own. We need Reiki. During this pandemic, many people have been going inward and learning things about themselves—both good and not-so-pleasant. Reiki helps to maneuver these inward journeys, it helps to understand and release stagnant energy that needs to leave the body. Reiki treatments and learning Reiki for yourself in a workshop are ways to manage this stagnant energy and the energy around you. Imagine…. Using Reiki not only for yourself, but then energy in the world around you naturally changes as well. The energy that changes in the world around you is cumulative—it grows exponentially in a ripple effect. And that’s a very good thing, and needed. 🙂

As Divine inspiration comes to me, I will share it with you. If you have questions, please ask, I’m available. Reach out to the people who know Reiki, they will help, I have several Reiki practitioner students in the community. If you’re interested, I have a Level 1 & 2 Workshop planned for May 30 & 31, 2020, I hope it can happen. Some Reiki practitioners (including myself) have chosen not to give in-person treatments at this time. I would suggest a couple options: learn as much as you can about Reiki through different sources, and also distant treatments are also available from Reiki practitioners who know Level 2, and are comfortable doing distant healing.

Please stay tuned, I will be sharing when I am nudged to do so. 😊❤️☀️

To my students, let me know if you need anything, I’m here. You’ve learned Reiki before this pandemic for a reason, whether it’s healing energy for yourself, or sharing with others. Use this tool, you know how strong it is. ❤️

Much love to you all ❤️❤️❤️

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