It’s “Inside” Time Now

It has been a busy spring, summer, and fall. As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m watching a quiet scene out my window. It’s -7 C, there is snow on the ground, and it’s lightly snowing. It’s quiet, and there’s no wind. Our busy season has changed into a more breathable season. My mind has a hard time slowing down and making this transition, but my body says it’s definitely time to enjoy a bit of a slower pace. Life on the farm allows a slower pace, but it also demands a fast pace that leaves you exhausted. Seasons. My deep nature is to live in-tune with the seasons, though society pushes otherwise. On the farm, during every season there are always things to take care of, whether it is animals, maintenance, or just keeping things warm, but there is also a switch, when you are more inside than outside. Maybe that’s the difference I’m pondering, a season of inside, and a season of outside. We have been primarily outside from about mid-April to mid-October. Lots of things to do—a never-ending list. The “outside” season is full of hard-work, haying, gardening, outside maintenance, longer daylight hours, busyness, heat, colours, smells, sunshine. This is the time things grow and burst forth from the winter rest. Now, the time has switched, it’s time to be primarily inside, and dress up in lots of warm clothes to go outside, mid-October to mid-April. The “inside” season has lots of cold weather, less colours, working indoors more, less daylight hours, turning the heat on in the house, more time inside. This is the time to work inside, but also the time to read a book, or work on a craft—a time that offers more rest.

I hope I’ve offered you some thoughts to ponder of how your life can be more in-tune with the seasons, and enjoy the different aspects each season has to offer. It’s “inside” time now, so let your creativity flow as to what you would like to do for the next few months, and don’t forget to allow time to rest in this season.

Much love 💜, Tracy

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