The Last Sunrise

Missy, pink bow 2

We said goodbye to our beloved Bernese Mountain dog, Missy. She was always full of life and energy and making us laugh at her antics. Her favourite time of day was when her family was together—she loved that time of day. I can’t begin to express how much we miss her. Our hearts are broken. 💔

Here is a poem written to Missy, by Hayley…

The Last Sunrise

Just the other day, I watched the sun rise,
Laughing with you, as it climbed in the sky.
Life is never easy, but my world was right.
You and me, side by side, forever in sight.

Today though, was different as I looked to my side.
I reached out my hand, and started to cry.
Even though your seat was right next to me,
It was cold and bare, for it was empty.
No one was laughing, no one was speaking,
Only silence to answer the sounds of my weeping.

There I sat, awaiting the rays,
Alone in the greyness of earliest day.
The sun would soon come, but there in my mind,
Was a flicker of doubt that it could still shine.
Surely even the sun, made for brightness and brilliance,
Couldn’t bear to cast light upon your early absence.

Perhaps another day, I’ll watch the sun rise.
For today in my sorrow, I could not comply.
I left before seeing the glow of the dawn.
Without you, it seems light has faded and gone.
Gone is the beacon of you and your ways
Faded into a memory of happier days.

Just the other day, I watched the sun rise
Laughing with you, as it climbed in the sky.

written by Hayley

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