Did You Know…? Animals Love Reiki Too!

Dog and Cat photoI’ve been giving my animals Reiki treatments since I first learned Reiki. I quickly discovered, as I was doing treatments on myself and other people, my pets could sense Reiki energy and they would gather around and relax. They seemed to know this was something they needed and wanted.

I am headed to our local animal shelter today (Claresholm Animal Rescue Society: CAReS) to give a few treatments to cats and dogs there. I can tell which animals are new to Reiki, because they sniff my hands, then look elsewhere as to where this energy could be coming from, and quickly settle right in front of my hands as they understand this is good for them.

Do you have any pets that could benefit from a Reiki Treatment? Contact me, I would love to talk with you. 🙂

Stay tuned…
I will be posting pictures from my visit to the shelter. 🙂

Link: Reiki With Your Pets/Animals

Link: Reiki and Shelter Animals

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