Izzy, Rescue Dog—Continued!

Hey Everyone! I thought I would check-in with you again about Izzy, our Rescue dog. She’s been a part of our family for a month and a half now. She is a funny character, and is showing her full personality! We are thinking differently on her breed, wondering if she possibly part Pug and we’re thinking also part Beagle! Maybe Izzy is a Puggle!! We’ve researched both Pug and Beagle, and she has tendencies of both for sure. So, on the Pug side, her short little nose causes her to snore! We have found that giving her a flat little pillow helps a lot. Pugs are also mischievous, and oh my goodness, that is Izzy too. We have a rule that she is not to touch Missy’s food dish, but her Beagle sniffer and food craving gets the best of her—you know, just to check and see if Missy might have even a bite of food left in her bowl. Just checking of course, to see if she should let Missy know she should finish! Izzy has a Beagle hound nose. She sniffs everything. On our two walks a day, she is happiest when she has found new things to sniff. There are lots of new scents on the farm, her little nose goes crazy, and her legs follow her nose. Speaking of her legs, and her feet, Izzy is not a lover of super cold-weather—but she also doesn’t appreciate boots on her feet either! She’s pretty silly because she gives us such a disgusted look when we put her little red boots on, but then when she’s outside, she runs around like something is chasing her, happy and frolicking like a puppy! Missy and Izzy are getting along very well. Every day Missy shows Izzy the ropes of life on the farm—how to bark at cows, how to go under a fence in the field, how to chase bunnies, how to chase up a flock of partridges, and how to look SO cute to get a treat. Missy has a higher tolerance to the cold weather, and it seems that Missy might chuckle under her breath when Izzy has to put on boots and a coat. It seems like Missy is snickering, just a little. Izzy’s latest trick is learning how to sit to get a treat, and now she sits before I can even tell her to, when there is a treat involved!

Our animals are silly, we love them, and life wouldn’t be as full and happy without them.

Link: Izzy, Rescue Dog

Link: Reiki With Your Pets/Animals

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