An excerpt from my Reiki Level 1 Workshop manual, page 12…..


As we understand energy, we understand our thoughts radiate out around us. The energy generated by our thoughts is the basis of everything in our life. Thoughts and emotions are the components of our aura. Each thought has a vibration and its own little chunk of energy, so it is vitally important that you be in control of your thoughts. Being in charge of your own thoughts is the very definition of intention. Your intention will work for you.

Each and every thought has its own electrical charge. Each and every thought is a form of matter. It has substance. Scientists state that matter cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed. Thought are “things”. For example, guilt has a heavy, sluggish, vibrational pattern. Love, and especially unconditional love, has a light and very fine vibration. You cannot get rid of the thought matter that has been built around you, but you can transform it. You change it by changing your thinking. Moving from negative thinking to positive thinking changes the aura around you.

Energy flows where intention goes… create your day. ❤️

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone! 🌻🍂 Happy Thanksgiving 🍂🌻 Fall is certainly upon us! We have the garden harvested, and are now working at winterizing many things on the farm. Thankfully I have a list of things to do, so nothing is forgotten. I send many well wishes and feelings of peace to everyone. I hope you all can enjoy this Fall season.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. ❤️😊


🌱 Garden Update, July 2021

Our garden is growing, and growing, and growing. We had a heatwave in the last part of June and first part of July, which had us watering like crazy! Some of the veggies, such as peas were trying to blossom during that time, and didn’t particularly like the extreme heat. We’re hoping they can blossom a bit more now because otherwise the yield of pods will be lower than most years. I love peas—fresh and stored frozen for the winter—cheering for the peas! The potatoes were feeling stressed with the extreme heat too, but hopefully will still blossom and we can enjoy little potatoes soon. We are a family who loves potatoes, our winter stock from last year is gone and we’re waiting for the new ones. Hopefully soon!

And some of you are wondering how my sunflower patch is doing….. 😐

I’m sorry to say, they were dug up by some furry critters (that’s my nice name for them) who loved, loved, loved sunflower seeds. I had no idea that gophers thought sunflower seeds were a delicatessen…. I planted 4 times. FOUR times! Some I planted shallow, some deep—I planted thick, and also thin. No matter. Every last sunflower seed was dug up! 😡 Usually my stubborn streak would have had me out there 24/7, but I was wasting precious time of outside work, and it was a no-win situation. So, I am very sad to say I do not have a lovely sunflower patch coming up, not a single sunflower!! 🌻

**Note the photos below of a hole in the sunflower patch with seeds dug up, and many, many sunflower seeds all dug up and eaten!

🌱 Planting Season… 🌱

There’s something about planting season—it brings hope, excitement, joy, peace…. Do you have any more thoughts and emotions to add? The last couple weeks have been busy with planting season on the farm—and every part of nature has woken up from winter and is full of life once again. Things are turning a beautiful green all around us!

We finished planting the garden this weekend. We usually keep an eye on the weather, and judge when to finish planting around the long weekend. This year it looks like the weather will be rainy for the long weekend, so it was good to get the seeds in the ground before the rain. Also, we plant seeds at the end of April that are ok in cooler temperatures. At the end of April we planted potatoes (4 different kinds), peas, lettuce, parsley, and dill. Today we planted zucchini, cucumbers, green onions, green beans, spinach, swiss chard, carrots, red onions, and yellow onions. Tomatoes have been started in the greenhouse and will be transplanted in the garden in a couple weeks.

☀️🌻Also, I was inspired to plant sunflowers this year. I always plant wildflowers and sunflowers in the yard, but I wanted more this year. 😁 So I dug up about 50 feet beside a fence outside the yard, close to the hay field, with the view of the mountains in the distant background. We planted a LOT of sunflowers. I hope they do well in this area and we will enjoy sunsets and sunflowers later this summer. 🌻☀️

Being outside is good for the body, mind, and spirit. And there is nothing more grounding than actually digging in the dirt. I encourage you to get outside, take your shoes off, and put your feet on the ground—and if possible, plant something. 🌱 It truly feels good.

I wish you love and happiness, ❤️ and until next time, enjoy springtime and being outside.



One of the biggest parts of healing is loving ourselves. How does that statement sit with you? Is it something you agree with? Or something that causes a bit of a painful tweak inside? If your answer is painful tweak, it might be something to check out that is needed in your life. Our body, mind, and spirit need love, and that love needs to generate from inside of us, not from external places.

What are some ways that might generate love inside of your body, mind, and spirit?

  • a spiritual practice of some kind (meditation; prayer; singing; for Reiki practitioners, a self-treatment, etc.)
  • reading a book: for self-improvement, and also reading for fun
  • finding different healing therapies that work for you, maybe one at a time, or a few at at a time
  • saying “no” to things in order to honour ourselves, or boundaries
  • journalling and getting things “out” on paper
  • stop and breathe, deep breaths—the in breath, feel it coming up from your feet to the top of your head, and the out breath let it go down from the top of your head back down to your feet
  • exercising/moving and releasing stuck/blocked energy to allow fresh new vibrant energy to come in
  • taking inventory and managing our thoughts, words, and actions towards life-giving energy
  • using our voice for kindness towards ourselves and to others
  • sitting in the sun
  • taking a nap
  • creating your favourite type of art
  • watching a favourite movie (happy or sad)

Make a list of things that generate love inside of you, because when your body, mind, and spirit take part in this, your vibration moves higher. Healing happens. And love flows to others.

Take one thing from my list and use it in your life in a way that fits you best, practice it, get good at it, and let it become a part of you. Then take the next thing, and repeat the process over again.

Healing takes change, and change takes intention. Let your intention be to love yourself more today, then more tomorrow, then more the day after. ❤️ Loving yourself is always a good investment in your life.



Reiki & Intuition

I am a Reiki Master Teacher, and I have always thought of Reiki and intuition as going together—never, ever separate. Recently, I was surprised to learn that some people think of Reiki and intuition separately.

This “news” to me described Reiki as:
-opening pathways in the practitioner to allow Universal Life Force energy to flow through the Reiki practitioner to the client—yes, I agreed
-placing our hands on or above the client to allow this energy to flow to the client—yes, again I agreed
And that was about it.

In my mind, I said, “But there’s SO much more! I know this, I practice this, I TEACH this!! It’s called intuition!”

Using intuition with Reiki is like opening an infinite wisdom that will guide you as you use Reiki on yourself, and others (including animals) to bring a richer experience to the client you are treating. As I teach Reiki, I teach intuition along with it, and inspire my students to “reach for the stars” as they gain this valuable tool to use with Reiki, and also in their day-to-day lives. Daily, intuition can help you decide which route to drive to your destination, possibly missing congested traffic along the way. It can help you in smaller decisions like which hat to wear for the day, or if and when you should take that trip to the mountains or the lake. Intuition takes practice, practice, practice, and will grow and develop the more you use it. It may feel bumpy and strange at first, but the more you use intuition, the more you will rely on it, and the more you will be amazed and grateful by this inner guidance.

Alberta Covid-19 Update

Alberta COVID-19 Update:
As of January 7, 2021, Premier Kenney of Alberta stated that the province-wide mandatory restriction on Personal and Wellness services will continue for another 2 weeks, at least. This includes Reiki treatments and workshops.  I am still working by distant Reiki treatments—this is an option for you to consider—visit my Distant Reiki page for more information. Thank you for understanding, and please keep in touch.    ~Tracy

Alberta COVID-19 Update:
Starting on December 13, 2020, the Alberta government placed a province-wide mandatory restriction on Personal and Wellness services, this includes in-person Reiki treatments and workshops. These services will be closed for a minimum 4-week period. If you are interested in a workshop or an in-person treatment, I will place you on a list and contact you as soon as it is possible to re-open my business. **Please note, I am still working by distant Reiki treatments—this is an option for you to consider—visit my Distant Reiki page for more information. Thank you for understanding, and please keep in touch. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon!    ~Tracy

Hey Booklovers! 📚 (Audio lovers too 😊)

I hope you all are feeling well. ❤️ Once again, winter has woken up the booklover in me, and I’m embracing this time. I love reading to study and learn, and I also love to get lost in a story for fun too. I am in-between my stories-for-fun books. I loved the last one, and am savouring it in my mind for a few more days. It will be time to start a new one soon. 📖 Maybe a Christmas story…. 🤔🎄 My study and learning books are in full-swing. Have you ever followed a “rabbit trail” of one book that leads to another book that leads to another book? For me, it’s kinda fun to see what shows up. Let me explain…. While I was watching a video, the name of a new-to-me author came up. Have you heard of Tosha Silver? I just finished one of her books called Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead. I loved this book as you can see by my many bookmarks! She also has another book I’ve been skimming through called Change Me Prayers, it has some great short stories in it that are perfect for a quick read. And then, I followed another “rabbit trail”—in Tosha Silver’s book, she mentioned an author she liked, Florence Shinn, who wrote a few books from 1925-1945. I just started the first one by Florence Shinn called The Game of Life and How to Play It. The title didn’t really catch my interest, but the content has been great—exactly what I’m wanting to learn right now. I did not expect this line-up of books for the start of my winter reading, they just popped up and I took the nudge to follow the rabbit trail. Have any books popped into your awareness? The Universe may well be prompting you to check it out, and it will likely be perfect for what you’re wanting to learn, or read for fun right now. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next!

Happy Winter and Happy Reading. 😊❤️❄️


It’s “Inside” Time Now

It has been a busy spring, summer, and fall. As I’m sitting here writing this, I’m watching a quiet scene out my window. It’s -7 C, there is snow on the ground, and it’s lightly snowing. It’s quiet, and there’s no wind. Our busy season has changed into a more breathable season. My mind has a hard time slowing down and making this transition, but my body says it’s definitely time to enjoy a bit of a slower pace. Life on the farm allows a slower pace, but it also demands a fast pace that leaves you exhausted. Seasons. My deep nature is to live in-tune with the seasons, though society pushes otherwise. On the farm, during every season there are always things to take care of, whether it is animals, maintenance, or just keeping things warm, but there is also a switch, when you are more inside than outside. Maybe that’s the difference I’m pondering, a season of inside, and a season of outside. We have been primarily outside from about mid-April to mid-October. Lots of things to do—a never-ending list. The “outside” season is full of hard-work, haying, gardening, outside maintenance, longer daylight hours, busyness, heat, colours, smells, sunshine. This is the time things grow and burst forth from the winter rest. Now, the time has switched, it’s time to be primarily inside, and dress up in lots of warm clothes to go outside, mid-October to mid-April. The “inside” season has lots of cold weather, less colours, working indoors more, less daylight hours, turning the heat on in the house, more time inside. This is the time to work inside, but also the time to read a book, or work on a craft—a time that offers more rest.

I hope I’ve offered you some thoughts to ponder of how your life can be more in-tune with the seasons, and enjoy the different aspects each season has to offer. It’s “inside” time now, so let your creativity flow as to what you would like to do for the next few months, and don’t forget to allow time to rest in this season.

Much love 💜, Tracy

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Workshops

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Join me for a personalized, transformational 2-day event!

Hello Everyone! 🌻🍂 Happy October 🍂🌻 Fall is certainly upon us! We have the garden harvested, and are now working at winterizing many things on the farm. Thankfully I have a list of things to do, so nothing is forgotten. I send many well wishes and feelings of peace to everyone. I hope you all can enjoy this Fall season.

Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. ❤️😊

The Alberta government has placed restrictions again.  Please inquire about a Level 1 & 2 Workshop. 😊

Check out a few blog posts I wrote about Healing….., 🌱 Planting Season…🌱 , and a Garden Update, July 2021 —have a look if you’re interested.

Sincerely and with love, ❤️

If you are interested in learning Reiki, we can schedule a workshop with 2 or more students.  I encourage you to learn Reiki for yourself, you’ll be so glad you did—and you’ll have it for the rest of your life.  I am always here to support you on your Reiki journey.  Also, if you would like to chat about Reiki, contact me.  I love talking about Reiki!

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