I’d like to offer you something to ponder today…

Great work in life—work that impacts life around you—is ever changing. This life work requires a push and pull. There is both love and heartache. As you are greatly aware, it is not neat and tidy, and does not follow straight lines. I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to feel like there is a flow of music in your life and you are dancing with this flow. Be willing to adjust at a moment’s notice, and let the world swirl around you and relax. Deter yourself from becoming stiff and rigid. You can’t always anticipate the movements that come, and when you’ve lost a step (or a few, or many), adjust and find the flow again. Maybe the music in your life right now is heart-wrenching and sad, or maybe it is a mountaintop experience, or maybe it is somewhere in between—feel and create in your dancing, to the flow of the music in your life in this moment. ❤️

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