An excerpt from my Reiki Level 1 Workshop manual, page 12…..


As we understand energy, we understand our thoughts radiate out around us. The energy generated by our thoughts is the basis of everything in our life. Thoughts and emotions are the components of our aura. Each thought has a vibration and its own little chunk of energy, so it is vitally important that you be in control of your thoughts. Being in charge of your own thoughts is the very definition of intention. Your intention will work for you.

Each and every thought has its own electrical charge. Each and every thought is a form of matter. It has substance. Scientists state that matter cannot be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed. Thought are “things”. For example, guilt has a heavy, sluggish, vibrational pattern. Love, and especially unconditional love, has a light and very fine vibration. You cannot get rid of the thought matter that has been built around you, but you can transform it. You change it by changing your thinking. Moving from negative thinking to positive thinking changes the aura around you.

Energy flows where intention goes… create your day. ❤️

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