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Books, Books, Books….!

Books…books…books! Did the title catch your eye? If so, I’m guessing you’re a book lover too! 🙂 I read all sorts of books, but my favorite genre in the last few years has been non-fiction. My daughters groan, or laugh at me, but here’s… Continue Reading “Books, Books, Books….!”

Creating an Environment for a Reiki Treatment…

I believe a great environment is conducive to a great Reiki treatment.  I’d like to share a few things I do, and if you have any ideas to add, I’d love to hear them! So, when a human or animal is coming for a… Continue Reading “Creating an Environment for a Reiki Treatment…”

Reiki and Shelter Animals

Shelter animals… More specifically dogs and cats. I have had the privilege of giving Reiki to dogs and cats at our local animal shelter. I find it amazing to watch how they react. I’m sure some of them have never come into contact with… Continue Reading “Reiki and Shelter Animals”

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